Christiaan Melis

Christiaan (1998) is a Dutch photographer and explorer with a passion for the journalism and storytelling. His work can be described as a combination of  documentary photography and images with a timeless and artistic touch to it. The subjects of his series and projects are often related to cultures, environment and the landscape these cultures/people are part off. His work often takes him to the corners of Earth, conquering harsh weather and physical exhausting. But also his homecountry is were he finds stories and places to document, such as a recent (ongoing) project: A DAYS WORK.

Sharing his work with others is a big part in photography for him. Like he says it…”what is a story when it does not get heard ?”. That is why he is always on the lookout for new projects and people to work with.

Sharing is a big part in photography to me… Would love to hear your story.

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“Documenting an extraordinary world we’re all part of ”